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How can my organization celebrate and promote Access Awareness Week?

  • Recognize Access Awareness Week 2022 through sharing the above key messages, events and attached digital tools through:

    • Employee engagement and diversity committees

    • Websites, social media channels

    • Employee broadcast emails or newsletters

    • Staff meetings

    • Municipal Proclamation (sample text below)

    • Order a flag with the Nova Scotia Access Awareness week logo from:

      • Robert Luer, Flag Emporium

      • 1-902-468-9697

      • toll free 1-800-591-8939


  • Highlight accessibility efforts, improvements or initiatives in your community, such as Municipal Accessibility Committees and Plans.


  • Plan an event to raise awareness and continue the conversation on the experiences of people with disabilities in your organization. This could be a speaker, video screening, book review, etc.


  • Share resources, learning and best practices related to accessibility within your workplace, including:

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