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Access Awareness Week 2023


Access Awareness Week 2023 happened on May 28th - June 3rd exploring the theme, "Access Includes Everyone: Moving the Bar on Quality of Life" while promoting access and inclusion. From Partnership for Access Awareness Nova Scotia (PAANS) events and community events across Nova Scotia, Access Awareness Week was full of celebrating the leaders and organizations that are working to improve access and disability inclusion in Nova Scotia.

Look Back On Our Events!
Check out AAW 2023 Photos
Proclamation Ceremony and the Presentation of the Mel Hebb Hourglass Action Awards

Watch the Recording!

Check out the Photos

Thank you to the Government of Nova Scotia and the County of Richmond Municipality for providing these photos!

Municipal Accessibility Across Nova Scotia

Watch the Recording!

Thank you to Elise Johnston, Accessibility and Inclusion Coordinator for the Region of Queens Municipality, Melissa Myers, Accessibility Advisor for the Halifax Regional Municipality, and Ken Knox, Municipal Development Officer, and accessibility lead for the Town of Annapolis Royal for participating in this event. Thank you to Holly MacLellan, for moderating the event with the technical issues! Learn more about municipal accessibility plans at

Scholarship Luncheon

Watch the Recording!

Congratulations to our scholarships recipients for their amazing accomplishment! We wish you well on your post-secondary educational journey.


I would like to thank our sponsors for their support Smith Family, Scotiabank. CIBC, Casino Nova Scotia Halifax and Sydney, reachAbility for NAAW-NS, Alex Peeler Arts, and the Nova Scotia Golf Association & Lung Association of Nova Scotia & PEI. 


Congratulations to

Aaliyah Cook  - Smith Family

Emily McInnis - Scotiabank

Lauren Pendlebury -Scotiabank

Yas Jawad -Scotiabank

Zander Burns - Scotiabank

Abdullah Al-Khattab -Scotiabank

Courtney McAllister - Scotiabank

Brayden Cream -CIBC

Kiera Grady - CIBC

Emma McCarthy  - Casino Nova Scotia, Halifax

Angelina Tortola - Casino Nova Scotia, Sydney

Drew Easton - NAAWNS-2023, reachAbility

Victoria Verhaeghe - Alex Peeler Arts - NSLEO

Faith Urquhart - Nova Scotia Golf Association & Lung Association of Nova Scotia & PEI

AAW 2023 in Photos!

Check out the amazing things that happened during Access Awareness Week Nova Scotia. If you have any photos from Access Awareness Week that you would like to put on this website, please email Amanda at

Flag Raising Across Nova Scotia

Thank you to the Government of Nova Scotia and Richmond County for providing their photos of Access Awareness Week Nova Scotia.

Access Awareness Events Across Nova Scotia

Thank you to Team Possible, Neil Squire, and SouthWest Employment for providing photos from their events

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