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How can my organization celebrate and promote Access Awareness Week?

Recognize Access Awareness Week 2023 by getting involved locally, in your communities with organizations working to remove barriers to inclusion, including their local municipalities. Whether it is hosting an event, celebrating Nova Scotian leaders in accessibility, ordering an Access Awareness Week flag, or sharing resources to improve access, there are many ways to get involve in Access Awareness Week Nova Scotia. 

Order an Access Awareness Week Nova Scotia Flag

You can order by filling out the form or emailing with the following information

  • Your Name and Email

  • Number of Flag(s) you would like to order

  • and your full mailing address

The cost of the flag is $99.19 plus shipping

If you would like a flag in time for Access Awareness Week (May 28th), the deadline to order is May 17th, 2023.

Order a Flag Now

For Access Awareness Week Nova Scotia

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