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Mel Hebb Hourglass Awards

The Hourglass Action Awards were launched in 1992 during National Access Awareness Week. That year, an hourglass symbolized the spirit of timely action the awards recognize.


In 2000, the name of the Award was changed to the Mel Hebb Hourglass Action Awards in honour of Mr. Melbourne Hebb, ('Wheels to Victory, The Mel Hebb Story'), a former awards committee chair. Hebb, who passed away in October 1999, was the personification of dedicated action.

NOMINATION DEADLINE: Friday, April 21st 2023


2023 Applications

Access Award 

Recognizes an individual, business or group without a mandate to serve persons with disabilities, that has worked to improve access to facilities and/or services in a given area, that increase opportunities and access for persons with disabilities.

Andre McConnell Award 

Recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond their duties as a public servant and has demonstrated:

  1. A commitment to person centred service - always putting the needs of persons with disabilities first; and 

  2. True dedication to supporting persons with disabilities to fully participate in their communities.

Community Action Award 

Recognizes communities and municipalities dedicated to increasing opportunities for persons with disabilities in their area. This includes recreation opportunities, inclusive education, and employment opportunities or other initiatives that lead to full participation for persons with disabilities.


Encore Award

To recognize a person with a disability who has significantly contributed to the community.


Exceptional Service Award 

Recognizes an organization or a member of an organization that has gone beyond their mandate in service to persons with disabilities.


Youth Champion Award

To recognize a youth (15 – 18 years) who has significantly contributed to raising awareness of disability issues and championing accessibility.

NOMINATION DEADLINE: Friday, April 21st 2023

2022 Award Winners

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